Exclusive Interview With Danny Trejo On Dead In Tombstone


We Got This Covered: So what’s the secret to your motivation, Danny? If you go on IMDB, you’ve got more movies coming out this year than some actors will have in a lifetime. What drives you and how do you stay so busy?

Danny Trejo: I love what I do man, I love the work. It’s so easy for me. Waking up in the morning, it’s a joy to go to work. That’s it.

We Got This Covered: Over the years, you’ve established yourself as one of the biggest badasses in Hollywood. What’s one fun fact you can tell me about Danny Trejo that people wouldn’t expect to go along with your badassery?

Danny Trejo: I rescue animals! I love dogs. Everybody loves dogs, but I do whatever I can to get involved. I help wherever I can. I’m trying to think what it takes to be a badass though, I just wake up in the morning. [Laughs]

We Got This Covered: Is there any specific role you’d love to go outside of the box to play?

Danny Trejo: You know, I just finished Muppets Most Wanted with Ray Liotta, and that was a blast.

But there’s no role – I mean, give me whatever you’ve got. I’ve got this thing, this acting thing, and it’s my job, so I’m no different than the house painter or the mechanic. If you bring your car to me and I’m a mechanic, I wouldn’t say “Oh no, I don’t work on those.” Nah, I’ll work on whatever you’ve got!

We Got This Covered: So are we going to be seeing Danny Trejo singing and dancing with The Muppets?

Danny Trejo: Singing, dancing, I’ve got a solo number, it’s going to blow your mind!

I do have to say something though – Ray Liotta is the best guy to have in a crisis. When I was in London doing Muppets Most Wanted, my mom passed away, and it really hit me hard. I was ready to run back to LA, and my secretary Mary called me and said “We’re taking care of everything, don’t sweat it, come back tomorrow,” so I stayed on set a couple more days, and I swear Ray did everything but hug me all the way through it. He was such a great guy. I’ve got his back.

We Got This Covered: So you also produced a maze for the Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Hollywood. How much freedom were you given to run with?

Danny Trejo: I was El Cucuy! I’m the bad guy! You know what, I went through that thing, and it’s scary as hell. [Laughs] Everybody loved it too, our line was about 83 minutes long to get in.

We Got This Covered: Now there’s been a lot of talk starting about the From Dusk Till Dawn TV show – have you been approached at all for a role yet?

Danny Trejo: Absolutely! They can’t do that without me! I’m the bartender! [Laughs] Robert and I have already collaborated on that. Yeah, I love television, I do it all. Like I said, I’m the mechanic – I’ll work anywhere.

Right now I’m doing a TV show with George Lopez called Saint George, too.

We Got This Covered: I have to ask what it’s like working with Robert Rodriguez, because from all the behind-the-scenes footage, it looks like an experience unlike any other.

Danny Trejo: Working with Robert is like working with your best friend, but I can get along with anybody. I’ve realized that producers pay directors to direct me, so what that means is the actor is the low man on the totem pole, unless you’re Tom Cruise I guess. When I show up, I’m just the actor, I’m the paid guy, I’m paid to do a job, so I’ll get along with anybody.

We Got This Covered: So you’ve got Machete Kills coming out soon, and I’m wondering what we can expect from this sequel. Is it going to blow Machete out of the water?

Danny Trejo: I would say that Machete Kills makes Machete look like a movie you could take your kids to. [Laughs] It’s crazy, crazy, crazy.

We Got This Covered: So I know you’ve got a ton of projects after Machete Kills, so maybe you can give us a hint at what we’ll be seeing you in come the near future, and what you’re really excited about?

Danny Trejo: We’ve got Bad Ass 2 coming out, then we’re going to start doing Bad Ass 3. Bad Ass 2 is with Danny Glover, and it’s going to be amazing. Then we’ve got Bullet coming out, where this guy is just a badass cop, and then Muppets Most Wanted with Ray Liotta – oh, and of course, Machete Kills!

We Got This Covered: Alright, I have to ask, are we going to see Machete kill again after this sequel – possibly in space if we’re to believe Robert Rodriguez’s past comments?

Danny Trejo: [Laughing] We’re keeping that under wraps, but it sure looks good.

We Got This Covered: Well if you hear anything more on it, let me know, because I’m dying to hear about it myself!

Danny Trejo: [Laughing] You got it, buddy. God Bless man, thanks homie!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Danny Trejo for the exclusive interview, and be sure to catch Dead In Tombstone on Blu-Ray/DVD when it’s released October 22nd. You can also catch Danny in Machete Kills when it opens in theaters on October 11th!