Exclusive Interview With Jason Christopher On Down The Road

Down The Road is an upcoming horror film from director Jason Christopher. The film is currently in post-production and is already gaining some positive buzz. Dread Central called Mr. Christopher one of 2011’s indie filmmakers to watch out for and by the looks of Down The Road, they may be right. The film follows:

A father, Hunter Isth, is rocked by a tragic accident in his life. He flees town and is no longer seen. Partying teenagers fall victim to a town lunatic but throughout the years the stories become urban legends and more than likely, myths.

In present day we meet Jenn, a tough and beautiful girl, who has just been released from an extensive stay at the hospital. When her parents bring her home she barely has time to rest as her friends come over and drag her out camping for the weekend. Seven friends venture out to the woods but as each friend starts dissapearing one by one they each try to survive the wrath of a true mad man.

Check out our interview below as we talk to Jason about the film, how he got actor Clint Howard on board, how he financed the film, and more.

WGTC: For people who are unfamiliar with the film, can you give us a brief overview?

Jason Christopher: The movie is an upcoming old school 70s/80s slasher horror movie about a couple college students that go out for the weekend and end up fighting for their lives against a revenge seeking mad man.

WGTC: How did the film come about?

JC: I grew up watching horror movies ever since I was a little kid, so it was always in me to write a horror script. And then about 6 years ago I got the idea that I wanted to do a horror script and I was going to do one. I always had outlines for one but it wasn’t until my dad passed away that I really wanted to pen one to get out my anger and whatever.

WGTC: Was it tough getting financing for the film?

JC: Oh, yeah. It’s always iffy because my producer Deven Lobascio is 21 years old. I’m 23 years old. So going to an investor to ask for a decent amount of money is scary. We had a lot of hustling to do and we had to be smart and play our cards right.

WGTC: And while working on a small budget on the film, what were some of the challenges you faced?

JC: It was a small budget but we still had a decent amount of money. That being said, there’s always one thing after another, whether you have money or not. It was always a headache, especially when we were doing 17 hour days in November in the cold weather. There’s always something.

WGTC: What stage is the film in?

JC: It’s in post production. This week actually it will be colour corrected. Then we just have sound mixing and music. We have a deadline for March.

WGTC: How did you bring Clint Howard on board?

JC: That was all Deven. We were just throwing names out. We were thinking and I don’t know why but I mentioned Clint Howard and Deven just got right on the ball with it. He called up his agent and the next day he got a call from Clint Howard. He called us personally. I like to work with someone like that. Someone who reaches out themselves and not through an agent.

WGTC: And what about working with Victor Miller on the script?

JC: He mentored the script and that was from knowing someone who knew him. He’s the guy who wrote the original Friday the 13th. I tried to get in touch with him for years and finally I got an email address and got a hold of him and asked him to check out the script. And he did and he replied back and gave us some feedback. I was pretty blown away when I got that email.

WGTC: Where did you draw inspiration for the script? Probably 80’s slasher flicks?

JC: Ya, horror is my favorite genre. But really just from twitching and trying. And just wanting to be happy and successful and having a career that I really want. This is something I want to do. That right there is inspiring. Even just watching movies makes me want to do this. This is the only thing I think I’m decent at and I want to be successful.

WGTC: What will set your film apart from the numerous other slasher films?

JC: I don’t think it’s really going to stand out on its own. It won’t be like ‘oh Down The Road is so different from everything else.’ But there are a lot of things we’ve done with like the kill sequences and camera movements that make it refreshing and different for the horror genre. There is also a lot of different technical stuff that should stand out. You’ll also find that you feel bad for the characters and the killer, so you won’t know who to root for. A lot of horror fans will be impressed with the film, it’s straight up old school.

WGTC: Is it more PG-13 horror or R horror?

JC: Definitely R. But it’s not overkill. When we were on set I was talking to the special effects girl, Lauren Palmer, and I’d be like I want a massive amount of blood coming out. And she told me it wouldn’t look realistic. And I wanted realistic. So to keep as realistic as possible, we didn’t use tons of blood.

WGTC: Any plans for distribution?

JC: We have a couple meetings while we’re out in LA later on this month, but nothing set in stone. We’ll probably do a couple film festivals then take it to the people we’ve been talking to.

WGTC: So where/when will moviegoers be able to see the film?

JC: Possibly late March or early April. There’s this one Horror convention in Texas that we’re hoping to get into. So there’s that. In New Jersey it will be out in June, there will be a first screening.

WGTC: Can you tell us about your upcoming Dread Central: Filmmakers To Watch Interview?

JC: Ya, they’re different segments. One segment is for 2011 Indie Filmmaker to look out for and the other one is just for horror movies. And James Wan and Leigh Whannell will be part of that. The segments will air on April Fool’s Day. So that should be interesting.

WGTC: Any plans for the future?

JC: Ya, I actually have a deadline in April for my new script. It’s another horror movie, more survival horror, like zombie type horror. Pretty much everyone is a killer in it.

WGTC: Any last words?

JC: Just keep an eye out for the film. I’m positive the horror fans will like it.

WGTC: Well thanks for taking the time to talk to us. We really appreciate it. Good luck with the film!

JM: Thanks