Watch: Final Invisible Man Trailer Teases Tons Of Scares

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man remake from the folks at Blumhouse has just dropped its final trailer. Sure, we got that spooky Super Bowl spot just last week, but now we have one last look at the film before its release later this month and it offers up plenty of scares.

The remake, starring the wonderful Elisabeth Moss, sets her as a victim of an abusive boyfriend (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) who commits suicide. Elisabeth’s character thinks she’s escaped the horrors of her relationship, but it isn’t long before she starts being haunted by someone that nobody can see.

Coming from the mind of Leigh Whannell, writer of various Saw films and director of 2018’s radical action flick Upgrade, this Invisible Man reboot looks to bring the spooks back while still focusing on individual stories and not big connected universes. Which is definitely the right move.

From what we can see in the footage above, Whannell has complete control of the camera here, as the film looks to be, if nothing else, immaculately shot. Blumhouse’s movies generally do look pretty nice, don’t they? Especially for a $7 million budget, it’s surprising and pleasant how AAA these pictures can look.

That being said, my relationship with Blumhouse is complicated. I appreciate their dedication to fully reviving horror as a viable genre, and I laud their efforts to bring directors with panache into these projects. But, their output is generally kind of a crapshoot. They go back and forth between utter gutterballs like Truth or Dare and more prestige stuff like this or the Halloween sequel-boot, which, if you’ve read my coverage of Halloween Kills, you know I don’t like very much. So, I’m torn.

But, I also try not to judge movies too harshly before they come out anymore. I’m 28 now, an old man. I’ve matured since my snarky early 20s, where I hated everything, and I truly hope that this reboot of The Invisible Man brings something special to the table when it hits theaters on February 28th. With the cast and crew involved, I have no doubt it’ll truly be a sight to behold. Or…not behold, I guess. You know, since it’s invisible. Oops. I’ll see myself out.

Or will I? Haha, okay, that’s enough.