You’re Invited To A Provocative Party In Dear White People Red-Band Trailer


The title of Justin Simien’s provoca-comedy on its own hints at the tone we should expect from his award-winning chucklefest. Dear White People has already cleaned up on the festival circuit. After nabbing the Sundance Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Talent, the movie is making its way to the masses this month and today, a brand new red-band trailer has arrived to get you in the mood for a laugh in what’s normally a horror-infested month.

Taking place in a typical American college, the film explores the clashing of cultures, in a perfect blend of un-PC commentary. The trailer introduces us to the cast of characters, led by activist Samantha White, who all embark on a riotous journey that examines racism and stereotypes. All the while delivering a lot of choice laughs. The material walks a tricky line, as at the core of the matter is a topic that still demands attention, but Simien’s got a good idea of how to shed some light on it, and that’s through humour.

Dear White People opens in theatres on October 17th. Check out the plot summary below and the trailer above and let us know your thoughts.

The unexpected election of activist Samantha White (Tessa Thompson) as head of a traditionally black residence hall sets up a college campus culture war that challenges conventional notions of what it means to be black. While Sam leverages her notoriety as host of the provocative and polarizing radio show “Dear White People” to try to prevent the college from diversifying Armstrong Parker House, outgoing head-of-house Troy Fairbanks (Brandon P. Bell), son of the university’s dean (Dennis Haysbert), defies his father’s lofty expectations by applying to join the staff of Pastiche, the college’s influential humor magazine. Lionel Higgins (Tyler James Williams), an Afro-sporting sci-fi geek, is recruited by the otherwise all-white student newspaper to go undercover and write about black culture—a subject he knows little about—while the aggressively assimilated Coco Conners (Teyonah Parris) tries to use the controversy on campus to carve out a career in reality TV.

But no one at Winchester University is prepared for Pastiche’s outrageous, ill-conceived annual Halloween party, with its “unleash your inner Negro” theme throwing oil on an already smoldering fire of resentment and misunderstanding. When the party descends into riotous mayhem, everyone must choose a side.

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  1. SamsMom0407says:

    This sounds like a great movie. Putting stuff out there that needs to be heard but in a humorous way. I will go see it for sure. Dennis Haysbert as the dean sounds good to me too. I love so many of his past characters.

  2. EbolaJenkinssays:

    This movie addresses UCSD’s “Compton Cookout”?!? Do they not KNOW?!? (or do they not CARE about the truth?..)
    Here goes the media and the naive liberal ‘activists’ with too much time on their hands again… The second they first heard about UCSD’s “Compton Cookout” they jumped all over it and attacked UCSD for ‘racism’; but then they found out it was created and managed by Jiggaboo Jones (a black comedian) who established the function to UNITE the races, and then the story died away with no apology to their readers… it didn’t matter because they had already planted the seed of racial-paranoia into the minds of the citizens where it still lingers today. With the flames now fanned from this unprofessional reporting, some black students and many non-students took to the sidewalks of UCSD holding signs and protesting for ‘a cause’. It made them feel important, as if they were changing the world for the better… or getting gratification for playing the ‘victim’ card.
    …Soon later, a young Korean girl with her Korean boyfriend who didn’t know any better were playing with a piece of nylon cord in the Library; he showed her how to make a noose out of it and she put it dangling from a sign on the wall… but then they forgot about it before they left. A nice liberal college-student always on the lookout for ‘evil racism’ in this never-ending ‘witch-hunt’ found it and immediately reported it. All of the sudden, the liberal-media is throwing gas on the fire again- as if UCSD wasn’t ALREADY trying to give up lots of Asian-American students’ college-seats for people with black-skin and far-lower HS grades- people who blew off their college-prep years in high school for the sake of partying, clubbing, and chasing white-womens (even though Affirmative Action had been voted as ‘racist’ in California)… Then, the number of ‘justice-seekers’ on the sidewalks grew in numbers and got wilder. As soon as word had spread about the noose, the naive Korean girl came forward and admitted that she was the one that put it there, explained that the noose does not symbolize ‘racism’ in her country, and she did not mean anything by it. It was an honorable thing she did, but she was still EXPELLED. Maybe they gave her seat away to a nice person with black-skin and lower HS grades (and not the ‘next-smartest’ college-applicant in line).
    …A day or two later- someone puts a pillowcase over the head of the statue of Mr. Geisel in front of the Geisel Library. The faculty is then immediately intimidated to give-in to numerous unfair/unequal/racist demands of new black-student organizations popping up all over campus. They receive lots of new funding from an already ‘broke’ college in a state with a broke economy. They start placing students into positions of power on campus with no qualification other than skin-color. The faculty and the San Diego Sheriff Crime-Lab promises a full-investigation, with press-releases saying DNA has been obtained from the pillowcase and that video-surveillance around the area was being reviewed. They also let everyone know that the act is considered a ‘felony’. Soon after, the story immediately COMPLETELY faded, and the crowd dispursed. The California public was never issued an explanation as promised. The only reason ‘this could be’ was because the DNA and Video evidence revealed a BLACK PERSON (possibly a non-student ‘trespassing’ on campus for the sake of protesting) had put the pillowcase on the statue as an angry ‘statement’ but then zipped their lips as soon as they heard about ‘evidence’ and ‘felony’. They did NOT do the honorable thing and come clean like the Korean girl did. Figures… Perhaps they should do more [UNBIASED] research at ‘cultures’ and ‘history’ at their own social-studies/ethnic-studies/liberal-studies departments…
    …The financial damage and the social-injustice of racism unfairly/unequally catering to the demands of the black-students who gained BONUS-RIGHTS that would have otherwise not been granted if not for the ‘hoax’ can never be undone. We can rest assured, though, that this unfairly-expelled Korean girl will still be okay in life even though she lost her college dream; she is Korean… she will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix- like Koreatown Los Angeles did after the black community burned their entire community to the ground in 1992… leaving their uninsured immigrant-businesses destroyed and their families empty-handed. Today, the Koreans are building the largest skyscraper in North America west of the Mississippi River… The black-neighborhoods that burned down Koreatown still look exactly as they did in 1992….

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