The I-Rex Is Loose In New Jurassic World Clip


Following in the wake of this week’s dino-heavy second trailer for Jurassic World, a brand new clip has debuted over on the movie’s official Twitter account. Focusing on the newest, most fearful creature ever cooked up in a lab, there’s no mistaking who the star attraction of the latest prehistoric park is: the Indominus Rex. This snippet may be less than a minute long, but to be frank, that’s more than enough time to become acquainted with the terrifying beastie.

As has been the case with every other Jurassic Park outing, scientists seemingly don’t know when to stop meddling with nature. While Jurassic World picks up 22 years after those first earth-shattering events on Isla Nublar, the game remains the same: you can’t restrain the raw, primal instincts of a species wiped from the planet 65 million years ago via an extinction event.

Still, that’s not going to stop Chris Pratt’s enthusiastic dino wrangler Owen and Bryce Dallas Howard’s somewhat irresponsible park manager Claire Dearing from catching the I-Rex. As you can see from the above clip, Pratt and his maintenance buddy might come up short on this one occasion, but that’s not likely to put a dent in their armor.

Find out how they fare when Jurassic World opens its doors on June 12.

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