Iron Fist Cast Want To Crossover With Baby Groot


As you’re undoubtedly aware, crossovers are all the rage with superheroes these days. Granted, it’s nothing new in the world of comic books, but once The Avengers kicked in the door back in 2012, it paved the way for Justice League, Netflix’s The Defenders and the awesome stuff The CW has been doing with their DC heroes. As such, that prompts journalists to inquire which heroes various actors would love to see their characters interact with.

On that note, MTV International recently had the opportunity to sit down with Iron Fist cast members Jessica Henwick and Finn Jones, bringing up the subject of crossovers. Interestingly enough, they were unanimous in their decision: Baby Groot.

But there’s a catch. You see, Jones wants the infantile talking tree to come to their realm:

“Bring Baby Groot to the Defenders, I think that would be way more interesting. I am all for kind of bringing Marvel Studio characters to our world rather than us going into their world. I think it’s way more interesting.”

Due to red tape that’d be stronger than an adamantium-vibranium alloy, I don’t see this happening any time soon, but actors and fans alike can keep their fingers crossed. Still, you never know what the powers that be have planned if indeed the Rocket and/or Groot spinoff comes to fruition, presumably in Phase Four. It’s undeniable that Baby Groot’s popularity is reaching critical mass, especially when you consider he’s getting his own comic book in the near future.

Iron Fist season 1 is now available for viewing on Netflix. For more, be sure to check out our review.