Iron Fist Star Finn Jones Explains How The Avengers And Defenders Could Crossover


It’s the age-old question that has lingered over Marvel‘s TV and film divisions ever since Charlie Cox suited up as the Man Without Fear: will the Powers That Be ever engineer some form of large-scale crossover event?

Both mediums are currently preparing for a crossover of their own (see: The Defenders and Avengers: Infinity War), but fans have long wondered whether the likes of Jessica Jones and, say, Captain Marvel will ever share the screen together. Last we reported, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige appeared to confirm that a crossover event is all but inevitable, and as everyone knows, all of the studio’s properties are set within the same world, though that fact isn’t exactly being taken advantage of at the moment.

Yes, there are references and nods in the television shows to events that occur in the movies, but it’s fan service at best and rarely amounts to anything substantial. Obviously, no one’s expecting Iron Man to touch down in Hell’s Kitchen and help the Defenders take on the Hand later this summer, but it would definitely be nice to see a bit more crossover between the two mediums. Especially since, unlike with DC, it’d be possible to do so.

It’s not only the viewers who want it to happen, either, as several actors tied to various Marvel characters have made public their desire to one day hop over the fence and into the other medium. Unfortunately though, it still hasn’t happened and with the Defenders being ruled out of Avengers: Infinity War some time ago, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting that epic crossover we’re all dreaming of any time soon. However, that doesn’t mean it’s totally off the table.

How could it possibly happen, though? Well, the logistics of such a thing would definitely be a nightmare, but one person who thinks they’ve got it all figured out is Iron Fist himself, Finn Jones. Speaking to Games Radar in a recent interview, the actor revealed his thoughts on a crossover and what he thinks Marvel should do.

“We’re part of the same universe. If there ever was a mash-up between the Avengers and the Defenders, I think it’d be really nice to see the Avengers come to the Netflix world. It’d be way more interesting to see those characters fleshed out the same way as our characters are, rather than just see our characters do some big f-cking fight scene! There’s nothing cool about that.”