Iron Man 2 Writer Justin Theroux Reflects On Fan Reaction To The Divisive Sequel



Iron Man 2 is widely considered a disappointment by fans, mostly because it spent far too much time trying to balance Tony Stark’s story with a huge amount of set up for The Avengers.

In a new interview, screenwriter Justin Theroux has weighed in on the mixed reaction to the Jon Favreau helmed sequel, revealing that while he doesn’t regret certain parts of Iron Man 2, there are plenty of good reasons why it didn’t quite live up to expectations. However, perhaps hoping that he’ll get another chance to work with the studio, Theroux makes sure not to lay the blame for that at anyone’s feet in particular.

“You know, as happens very often, it is not easy to live up to expectations. And after the first ‘Iron Man,’ those for the sequel were extremely high. [You] go to see [the film] with a wealth of expectations…and the film had a release date even before we started working on it so we had to work fast. And I will not complain about anything or anyone, mind you…It was a team effort and I really love people like [Iron Man 2 director] Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. We tried to please the fans and to give shape to something spectacular…But sometimes things end up not going in the right direction, although there are parts of the movie that I’m really proud [of].”

Interestingly, Theroux then went on to reveal that he had some serious doubts about whether or not The Avengers would actually work, admitting that he took his concerns to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige:

“I remember at that time talking about The Avengers with [Marvel Studios president] Kevin [Feige]. I remember that I told him, “I do not know if this is going to work, having Iron Man and all these characters together.” But then he ended up doing something really special.”

Tell us, what do you make of Theroux’s comments? Would you like to see him get involved with Marvel again one day in the future? Drop a comment below and let us know.

Source: CBM

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