Will Iron Man 3 Introduce The Wasp?

As if the Marvel cinematic universe wasn’t jammed packed full of enough characters and cameos already, it’s been reported that The Wasp – a superhero originally considered to be in Joss Whedon’s The Avengers line-up – is going to make an appearance in the upcoming Iron Man 3, presumably when she begins buzzing around Tony Stark’s soft beverage on a hot day and trying to get at his sandwich filling.

This rumor has been flying around since July’s San Diego Comic-Con, when it was announced that Stephanie Szostak (Dinner for Schmucks) had been cast in an unspecified role. A recent tweet (this is how all news is acquired in today’s age) from an unknown man named Roger Wardell (all news sources are mysterious characters) hinted at The Wasp’s inclusion too:

Inside News: When Stephanie Szostak’s role is for Iron Man 3 is announced, fans will go crazy.

People have also been getting a little stung on this because Szostak has been billed rather highly for what many thought would be a supporting role. There’s also a quick shot of her in the trailer pushing Tony Stark up against a wall, which of course implies that she’s The Wasp.

For those in the dark about this particular superhero, The Wasp isn’t actually a wasp, (you knew that, didn’t you?), but a Wasp-like woman dressed like a Wasp with powers that you might associate with an insect of that species. She’s one of those 60s superheroes, like Ant-Man, apparently spawned at a time when bug-like creatures were totally in. Nowadays, these characters seem a little out of place with the other technology-clad heroes, but if Spider-Man can pull off such successes, why can’t the Wasp?

What do you think, anyway? That’s all that matters. Can Stephanie Szostak pull off The Wasp?

Iron Man 3 is out May 3, 2013, and don’t you forget it. It stars Robert Downey Jr. and is directed by Shane Black.

Source: ScreenRant

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