Stan Lee Cameo In Iron Man 3 Revealed

Looks like Iron Man 3 will continue the honorary tradition of working legendary comic book creator Stan Lee into every single Marvel movie with yet another hilarious cameo.

Comic Book Movie is reporting Lee will appear as a beauty pageant judge for Shane Black‘s first entry into the Iron Man franchise. Lee already shot his scenes on July 10th, providing confirmation that his cameo role will not change.

Stan Lee has amassed quite an extensive professional cameo career playing everything from a hot dog vendor (X-Men), to mail carrier (Fantastic Four), and even Larry King impersonator (Iron Man 2). Like a game of celebrity “Where’s Waldo,” it’s always a treat searching for Lee’s shinning moment in the spotlight amidst the chaos of superhero action.

But with one question answered, another arises: how will the beauty pageant itself be worked into Iron Man 3?  Could Lee’s cameo be part of something bigger? Or is this just another fun little inside joke for Marvel fans to snicker at?

What were some of your favorite Stan Lee cameos from over the years? Discuss below!