Iron Man 3 Trailer May Arrive Soon

Comic Book Movie has learned that a few lucky fans in the UK were able to see the unreleased Iron Man 3 trailer at a special screening of the special features for The Avengers Blu-Ray, which means that the general public might be able to see the trailer soon.

The screening took place at London’s Disney offices and luckily, we can share with you a description of the trailer, which is brief but revealing.

Check it out below:

“The Iron Man 3 trailer showed Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin, Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion getting blown up, and the Iron Man extremis suit. Attendees described the trailer as being mind blowing, very dark, and amazing.”

This is an encouraging sign that Iron Man 3 will bring back some of the magic of the first film, rather than repeating the unfocused mess that was Iron Man 2.

Plus, having Shane Black as the director should be enough to get any film buff excited. With Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang on his resume Black is a proven talent. He should be able to maintain the wittiness and fun of the Iron Man franchise while still infusing his own style into it.

Is anyone else excited about getting a glimpse of Iron Man 3? What do you think the trailer will reveal?

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