Is Channing Tatum Leaving Gambit For The DC Extended Universe?


Things aren’t looking too good for Gambit, the upcoming X-Men spinoff that Channing Tatum has been trying to get off the ground for what seems like forever now. Not long after Doug Liman took over in the director’s chair for Rupert Wyatt, 20th Century Fox took the film off their release schedule. It’s yet another delay in a long line of them and some websites have begun to wonder if Tatum may be giving up on the project.

This is pure speculation and is, admittedly, a massive stretch, but Batman-News believes that the actor is switching teams and heading on over to the DC Extended Universe. Their reasoning simply comes down to the fact that days before Rick Famuyiwa was announced as director of The Flash, he followed a number of DC-related Twitter accounts. One of the people he began following was Tatum.


Like we said, it’s definitely a stretch, and probably means absolutely nothing, but it is kind of curious that amongst a whole bunch of DC accounts, he also followed the Magic Mike star at the same time. After all, we know that Tatum has almost walked away from Gambit on several occasions before, and with the film seemingly in development hell, he may have finally had it.

Again though, this is purely speculation for now and likely won’t amount to anything. If Channing Tatum were to leave Gambit though for a role in the DCEU, who would you like to see him play? Sound off below and let us know!