Is It Time For James Bond To Die?

As most people already know, the plug has been pulled on the 23rd installment of the James Bond series. MGM is in a lot of debt and because of it they had to stop production on the film, for the time being at least. A couple insiders are saying that production will pick up next April and the franchise is still going to continue but a lot of people are asking the same question. Is it time for James Bond to die?

In recent news, MGM has announced they are permanently cancelling all development on the new James Bond film titled “Bond 23”. Sam Mendes (American Beauty) was set to direct ‘Bond 23’,  and Daniel Craig was set to reprise the role.

Unfortunately, MGM is unable to finance the new Bond film. The Bond franchise, sadly, is completely dead at the moment. It is uncertain whether or not MGM will continue the franchise. At this moment, things aren’t looking too promising.

Only time will tell, but I personally do not think they will stop the Bond films. The Bond franchise delivers great action films with every release and always does well at the box office. Here are some reasons why I think the Bond franchise should continue.

1. Delivers Great Entertainment With Each Film – Since the Bond franchise began, it has always been about non stop action. The films deliver what fans expect, a ton of entertainment and heart pulsing action. With some of the best car chase scenes, eye popping explosions, and an unlimited supply of wishful gadgets, the Bond franchise had solidified itself as one of the most action packed franchises around.

2. A New Bond Every Few Films – One thing that makes the franchise so great is the fact that every so often we get to see a new take on the Bond character. The franchise is known for using different actors to play the role. The franchise first began with actor Sean Connery who took on the role from 1962-1967 with 5 films. After his contract, George Lazenby took on the role but for only 1 year, where Connery took over yet again. It than goes from Roger Moore, to Timothy Dalton, to Pierce Brosnan and to the current Bond, Daniel Craig. Each actor delivers a different take on the character and this keeps things fresh and exciting.

With Daniel Craig we see a much darker Bond than in previous films. I personally love the new Bond and the way he doesn’t care for anything except getting the job done. Bond films are constantly changing actors and this is one thing I love about the franchise.

3. Successful at the Box Office – Although production costs for the films are expensive, the Bond films always manage to do well at the box office. Audiences still flock to theatres for every Bond film. I know MGM is going through some tough times at the moment and financially cannot provide for ‘Bond 23’, but they cannot completely rule out the idea of new Bond films.

4. Bond is Timeless – The Bond franchise has been a part of people’s lives for over 45 years now.  Bond fans get excited with every new release. They feel attached to the character. James Bond has become one of the most well known characters in film. Classic lines such as “Shaken not Stirred” have become ingrained in our pop culture. James Bond has become a part of our lives and we cannot let it die, at least not yet.

It will be some time until we are aware of what the studio will be doing with the Bond franchise. They cannot just kill it off after 48 years but right now things aren’t looking good. Until we hear from MGM I will patiently be waiting, with a cold shaken martini, hoping the Bond franchise continues to live on.