Is Jason Voorhees real?

JAson Goes To Hell

Since 1980, Friday the 13th has been one of the most iconic and popular horror film franchises to ever grace the big screen and in the past four decades, it has inspired more than 10 sequels or spin-off films.

If you’ve seen the films then you’ll surely be familiar with its star Jason Voorhees, the son of Pamela Voorhees who went on a homicidal rampage in Camp Crystal Lake, terrorising teenagers to avenge her son’s (supposed) death via drowning. As we know, Jason wasn’t dead and has just as much of a thirst for blood as his mother did.

This slasher icon took the world by storm and quickly cemented himself in the horror hall of fame. However, one thing you might be wondering, is Jason Voorhees a real person?

Is Jason Voorhees real?

You can relax! Jason Voorhees is not a real person, the fictional character was created by Victor Miller the writer responsible for 1980’s Friday the 13th.

While the character might have had some real-life inspiration there was no one individual responsible for the character or his distinct appearance in mannerisms. Despite this, the film may have influenced a real-life crime.

Like many of the most iconic horror characters of all time, Jason doesn’t need to be real to inspire fear in the minds of viewers and even as the years go on this character continues to haunt new and old fans of the franchise.

Perhaps in the future, we’ll get more stories with this iconic fictional character for a new generation of moviegoers.

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