Is ‘The Green Knight’ a Christmas movie? The debate rages on

the green knight
Image via A24

Some of the best Christmas movies ever aren’t generally the first that come to mind when thinking about the holidays. However, over the years, films like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon have gained recognition as some of the best Christmas movies ever despite not necessarily being about Christmas.

This year, there was a new movie that’s becoming an unlikely Christmas hit. The Green Knight came out back in July, but that hasn’t stopped fans from giving it a watch during this holiday season.

Though it’s certainly not a traditional Christmas film, the big day plays a central role in the plot of the film. The Green Knight centers on Sir Gawain played by Dev Patel who is challenged to a Christmas game by the titular Green Knight. The deal is that Gawain can strike the Green Knight but on the following Christmas, he’ll be able to strike him with an equal blow. Unfortunately, Gawain makes the mistake of cutting off the Green Knight’s head, which does not kill him. What follows is an adventure of Gawain making his way to find the Green Knight to hold his end of the bargain.

Other than the fact that portions of the film occur during Christmas, there’s isn’t much more connecting it to the holiday. Obviously, there are no colorful lights, Santa Claus, or merry songs. However, fans on Twitter seem to agree that The Green Knight earns its status as a Christmas film.

Though the dark fantasy film may not invoke the merriest feelings, it’s one of the most acclaimed films of the year. So if you’re looking for a Christmas movie that has more going on than the regular holiday favorites, The Green Knight is a solid choice.

Who doesn’t love a holiday beheading?