Is William Shatner Married?

William Shatner has led a fantastically interesting life. The actor, director, producer, author, screenwriter, and singer is a man of many hats. Soon he’ll add “spaceman” to that illustrious rolodex of titles, and not just for playing one on television. With all that time under his belt, at 90 years old, you might wonder what he leaves behind with his upcoming trip to the stars. Here he is discussing his impending Blue Origin rocket launch. 

For someone who’s lived as long as Shatner, it’s safe to say he has plenty of family and friends to see him on his way out into the cosmos. He’s a father of three, a grandfather, and an ex-husband. That’s right, the newly-minted bachelor finalized his divorce in January of 2020, marking the end of his fourth marriage and the start of yet another phase for the Los Angeles native.

Each of Shatner’s marriages are entirely unique, filled with love, loss, and even tragedy. His third wife, entertainer Nerrine Kidd, drowned in the couple’s swimming pool while intoxicated in the summer of 1999. Although Shatner had filed for divorce prior to the drowning, the pair was trying to reconcile amidst their marital struggles. 

Take a look at this short interview where Shatner discusses his ex-wife’s untimely death, and the foundation created in her honor. 

The Star Trek star’s previous two marriages before Kidd were especially cut and dry. His first, to Canadian actress Gloria Rand, lasted 13 years. Shatner’s second foray into the unknown came with his marriage to another actress, Marcy Lafferty, and after 23 years together, their union was brought to a similar conclusion. 

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Shatner entered into his latest marriage with horse trainer Elizabeth Martin in 2001. For years nothing seemed to come between the pair. They even co-wrote a song for his 2004 album Has Been. The musical homage “What Have You Done” pays tribute to his late wife Nerrine, depicting Shatner’s grief over her horrific drowning.

Sadly Shatner and Martin called it quits during the pandemic, but it seems that the duo has remained close since their split, even coming together to celebrate Shatner’s 90th birthday this past March. The actor has nothing but respect for his ex, telling U.K.’s Mirror, “It’s all good here. I wish everyone well.”

It looks as though William Shatner finds himself, like so many times before, at another crossroads. He’s 90 and single, about to “boldly go where no man has gone before,” and with any luck, about to embark on a new journey of self-discovery once he returns from his historic journey to the final frontier. Only time will tell what Shatner does from there, but it’s safe to say that whatever he chooses will be nothing less than intergalactic.