Isla Fisher Says Wedding Crashers 2 Is In The Works


It’s been a long time since Wedding Crashers arrived in theatres and sent us all into stitches. 11 years, in fact. Still, demand for a sequel hasn’t died down and with fans eager to see more of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn’s loveable main characters, it seems that Hollywood has finally sat up and taken notice.

While this is far from confirmed, Isla Fisher, who starred in the original, revealed on The Today Show that a sequel is currently being developed. We haven’t heard anything from the studio on the matter, but Fisher says she bumped into Vaughn at a party recently and when they got talking about Wedding Crashers, he told her that they’re looking to do another one.

Take that for what it’s worth, but the actress mentions that no deals have been made yet. At this stage, it’s only talk. Not that talk can’t lead to an eventual greenlight, of course, but right now, it seems like all parties involved are still weighing their options to see if a Wedding Crashers 2 would be profitable.

Though it’s far from a classic, the original 2005 film is a solid comedic romp, full of endlessly quotable lines and a lot of laugh out loud moments. Admittedly, a sequel isn’t necessarily needed, but at the same time, I’d more than welcome it with open arms if it could recapture the spirit of its predecessor.

That may not be so easy to do, though. After all, we’ve seen countless comedy sequels hit theatres in recent years that have been absolutely terrible, tarnishing the original’s name due to how lazy and uncreative they are. If we do eventually see a Wedding Crashers 2, let’s just hope that it doesn’t follow the same path that so many films before it have.