Jessica Chastain Enters Talks To Play Adult Bev In New Line’s It: Chapter Two


Looks like Jessica Chastain is about to have a run-in with Pennywise the Dancing Clown, after all.

According to Variety, the two-time Oscar nominee has officially opened talks to play the role of Beverly Marsh in It: Chapter Two – not that we can say we haven’t seen this coming. 

Negotiations are ongoing, of course, but ever since New Line and director Andy Muschietti mapped out plans for their two-part Pennywise saga, Chastain has been strongly linked with the role of adult Beverly. This, coupled with the fact that Chastain and Muschietti have collaborated in the past (see: Mama) has ensured the actress became the hot-tipped favorite to land the gig – presumably at the expense of Amy Adams, who was also rumored for the role once played by Sophia Lillis just before Christmas.

Other actors who have been name-dropped for Chapter Two include Christian Bale, Chris Pratt (Avengers: Infinity War), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is a strong fit for the role of adult Stanley.

One thing we can tell you with absolute certainty is that although Andy Muschietti is yet to close his own deal for It: Chapter Two, production is expected to commence this summer, when the original Losers Club – Lillis included – will be making their return.

That tells us that New Line’s horror sequel will jump back and forth in time, ensuring viewers are able to see both the immediate effect that Pennywise had on those pint-sized heroes, and the haunted adults they would go on to become. And for those of you familiar with Stephen King’s literary classic, you’ll know there’s still one or two surprises in store.

Expect Pennywise to manifest once more when It: Chapter Two looms over theaters on September 6th, 2019.

Source: Variety