More It: Chapter Two Set Photos Find The Losers On The Prowl


The Losers’ Club are about to party like it’s 1989. And by party, we mean relive a waking nightmare of a transdimensional clown stalking the shadows of Derry, Maine.

Yes, Pennywise is making a comeback for It: Chapter Two, the 2019 horror sequel that takes place a full 27 years after its predecessor. Such an ambitious story leap calls for a fresh-faced Losers’ Club and sure enough, the Powers That Be over at New Line and Warner Bros. have pulled out all the stops, casting the likes of Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy as Beverly Marsh and Bill Denbrough, respectively.

The X-Men duo are currently filming Chapter Two in and around Toronto, and not a day goes by without some form of It-related intel trickling onto the interwebs. Down below, for instance, you’ll see another round of candid set photos in which two generations of the Losers’ Club cross paths for the very first time. Like we said before, those haunted adults are about to wander down memory lane straight into the gaping jaws of Pennywise, Eater of Worlds and destroyer of dreams.

Jessica Chastain’s Beverly Marsh is a real highlight here, as the actress is the spitting image of Sophia Lillis. And in another example of New Line’s casting department knocking this one out of the park, James Ransone has clinched the role of Eddie Kaspbrak, who’s perhaps the perfect adult counterpart to the young hypochondriac played by Jack Dylan (Shazam!).

Last and certainly not least, we have Bill Hader as Richie Tozer, Andy Bean as Stanley Uris, Jay Ryan as Ben Hanscom and Isaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon. The only constant in this nightmarish equation is Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise.

It: Chapter Two conjures up a brand new era of spine-chilling terror on September 6th, 2019.