Another Two It Images Bring You Closer To Bill Skarsgård’s Demented Pennywise


Between the haunting music, vulnerable leads, and the otherworldly demon at its rotting core, all signs point to New Line and director Andy Muschietti serving up a potent dose of nightmare fuel with It, the forthcoming horror adaptation that’s poised to become the first in a two-part saga involving The Losers Club.

Situated in the quaint town of Derry, Maine, those like-minded freaks and geeks are about to band together in the face of true evil, and as you’ll see from today’s all-new stills – stills that come to us by way of Empire, with a tip of the hat to CBM –  Bill Skarsgård’s shape-shifting monstrosity is really the stuff of nightmares.

Couple this with the fact that Muschietti has vowed to deliver a no-holds-barred adaptation of the King classic and it’s small wonder why horror fans are beginning to tremble with excitement – a nervous excitement, mind you, but excitement nonetheless. Below you’ll find that pair of action shots in question, including a sneak peek at Pennywise making contact with Jack, one hapless member of The Losers Club who falls prey to Skarsgård’s specter.

The former Hemlock Grove actor is undoubtedly one of the headline acts, but It has also found room in its ranks for Bill Denbrough (Jaeden Lieberher), Ben Hanscom (Jeremy Ray Taylor), Stan Uris (Wyatt Oleff), Mike Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs), Eddie Kaspbrak (Jack Dylan Grazer) and Beverly Marsh (Sophia Lillis).

Beyond that, the town of Derry is also plagued by a cadre of scheming bullies, including Henry Bowers (Nicholas Hamilton), Patrick Hockstetter (Owen Teague), Victor Criss (Logan Thompson), and Belch Huggins (Jake Sim).

Now that The Dark Tower has crumbled at the international box office, thereby casting doubt over Sony’s plans for a multi-platform franchise, Stephen King fans are quietly pulling for It to make a big splash in a few weeks’ time. It’ll haunt theaters on September 8th, and only then will we be able to form a clear picture of what to expect from New Line’s tentative sequel plans – plans that will presumably revisit The Losers Club as adults.

Source: Empire