It: Pennywise Serves Up A Terrifying Threat In Time For Thanksgiving


Last we saw Pennywise, he had been banished to the depths of Derry’s sewers, where he’s expected to remain for the next 27-odd years – yes, It: Chapter Two is officially in the pipeline, and it’ll haunt our dreams in September of 2019.

But it appears New Line has resurrected Stephen King’s shape-shifting abomination ahead of schedule. Embedded below is a holiday-themed message from It‘s official Twitter account and, well, let’s just say it may put you off your appetite.

Arriving just in time for Thanksgiving, this .gif sees Pennywise the Dancing Clown manifest on the reflection of a carving knife – yellow eyes glinting, mouth gaping – and just like that, poof, It disappears from view. Perhaps what’s more disturbing about New Line’s timely tweet is the caption it’s attached to: “You’ll bloat too.” A nod to the impending food coma pandemic that’s about to sweep the country.

This is also another welcome reminder that Andy Muschietti’s It reboot is creeping closer and closer to its home video release. December 19th will herald the film’s debut on Digital HD, before Pennywise swoops onto Blu-Ray and DVD in time for January 9th, 2018.

Via Twitter:

And if you’re longing for a deep dive on Muschietti’s gem, you’ll be pleased to note that It‘s home video release comes packing 11 – count ’em, 11 – deleted scenes, including one in which Pennywise feasts on a baby. Additional footage will reportedly feature a number of scenes involving the Losers Club, who will return as adults in two years’ time to banish Pennywise once and for all.

After being crowned the breakout horror hit of 2017, It will now slither onto Blu-Ray and DVD early next year. New Line will then begin formulating Chapter Two, which is locked in for September 6th, 2019.