It: One Spooky Easter Egg You May Have Missed


Let it be known that Pennywise the Dancing Clown is everywhere – even when the Losers Club think they’re out of harm’s way.

How do we know? Well, in anticipation of It‘s Blu-ray release in January, fans have been combing through each and every frame of New Line’s horror masterclass to uncover Easter eggs and other cute references to Stephen King’s body of work. And it looks like they’ve discovered what is arguably one of the creepier secrets.

But it doesn’t concern Derry’s haunted house – otherwise known as Pennywise’s crooked lair – or one of the town’s many sewer pipes; instead, this Easter egg is hiding in plain sight. Or, more fittingly, Pennywise is hiding in plain sight, as King’s shape-shifting abomination stares out from some nearby graffiti as the Losers Club talk tactics. And just when you thought Richie and the gang had gained some respite.

Take a closer look at Stanley’s right shoulder and you’ll see Bill Skarsgård’s demon flashing a wicked grin:

What’s more, this mural is actually a nod to Derry’s dark history and, specifically, the Bradley Gang, a group of criminals who were brutally massacred by the town’s demented residents. And yep, you guessed it; even then, Pennywise was pulling the strings behind the bloodshed. Perhaps that story will factor into It: Chapter Two?

Either way, true to Stephen King’s source material, the sequel will be a much darker film than its ’80s-tinged predecessor, as it begins to poke and prod into the mind of Pennywise. That’s something Bill Skarsgård touched on in a previous interview, stating:

The second one will be the adult story. And I think the right way to do it is to make that movie actively different. … I think there might be worth exploring sort of the psychological aspects of horror, but also maybe the sort of cosmological existence of this being. What is he, and where does he come from?

Expect It: Chapter Two to deep dive into Pennywise’s cosmic origins on September 6th, 2019. Closer to home, It will emerge from the Derry sewers and onto Blu-ray in January – December 19th for those planning on picking up the Digital HD version – and it’ll be packed to the rafters with deleted scenes and other special features.