Stephen King Had No Issue With The Changes Made Within It Reboot


Stephen King, seasoned author and all-around horror expert, has already gushed about New Line’s imminent It reboot, admitting that he “wasn’t prepared for how good it was.”

Going one step further, it appears King also took no issue with the plot changes made within Andy Muschetti’s revival. That’s according to Muschetti himself, who spoke to Deadline about all things It – from Pennywise to The Losers Club and everything in between – in anticipation of that all-important September 8th release date.

Back when It Part 1 – The Losers Club was still simmering in the formative stages of development, and the idea of a conclusive sequel was little more than a pipe dream, it’s fair to say that Andy Muschetti and his sister/producing partner Barbara felt a great deal of pressure about adapting what many consider to be a modern-day horror classic. But those feelings of apprehension quickly faded away when Stephen King endorsed their creative approach.

Per Deadline, here’s what Andy Muschetti had to share:

I sent him a handwritten letter, asking for forgiveness, for all the creative license I had taken. He saw the movie and his reaction was immediate. He wrote me an email expressing how much he had liked it and that I shouldn’t worry because all the changes were approved.

Currently in negotiations to direct a monster origin movie centering on the infamous Count Dracula, one which he may develop in tandem with Barbara Muschetti and seasoned producer Roy Lee, Andy is about to become one of the most sought-after horror directors in the business.

Box office projections for It are through the roof – for the record, a $50m-$60 million domestic opening is the current estimate – and the reviews have been nothing short of stellar. Surely those tentative sequel plans are now a lock? Time will tell.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown will be unleashed upon moviegoers when It Part 1 – The Losers Club opens on Friday, September 8th.

Source: Deadline

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