It Seems Matt Reeves Has Turned In His First Draft Of The Batman


It seems Matt Reeves is about ready to turn in his preliminary script for The Batman.

TheWrap reporter and all-around industry scoopster Umberto Gonzalez brings word that Warner Bros. is now in possession of Reeves’ first draft, indicating that the filmmaker is finally – finally – ready to set the wheels in motion.

A mid-to-late 2019 production start appears to be the current target, given The Batman is one of three Warner Bros. properties expected to go before the cameras next year – the other two being The Flash and Cathy Yan’s female-fronted Birds of Prey spinoff.

For The Batman, though, Matt Reeves is yet to cast his Caped Crusader, with reports claiming that Ben Affleck is ostensibly finished with the DC Extended Universe after the calamitous Justice Leagueditto for Henry Cavill, who is purportedly ready to choose The Witcher over the Man of Steel.

That search is still very much ongoing, it seems, but the fact that Reeves has finished his script (a little later than Labor Day, but we digress) tells us that the writer-director already has someone in mind for Bruce Wayne.

Oscar Isaac, Ryan Gosling and Game of Thrones mainstay Kit Harington are all out of the running, while Jon Hamm (and Josh Gad!) seems willing to throw his hat into the ring for what is undoubtedly one of the most-anticipated DC movies currently teetering on the verge of production.

Via Twitter:

So, there you have it; the first tangible Bat-shaped update in what feels like forever. Surely it shouldn’t be much longer before Matt Reeves unveils Gotham’s new crusader to the world? We’ll have all the latest on The Batman for you right here, so keep your peepers peeled.

Source: TheWrap