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‘It’s kind of almost an inside joke’: The fourth wall set to become John Wick’s next target in ‘Ballerina’

Is the sharp-suited assassin going full Deadpool?

john wick chapter 4
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When you think of iconic assassins with billion-dollar movie franchises under their belt that crash through the fourth wall and embrace the concept of self-awareness, then your mind is obviously going to wander to Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and not Keanu Reeves’ John Wick.

However, directorial mainstay Chad Stahelski has teased that the ass-kicking killer’s cameo in upcoming spin-off Ballerina is going to be the most meta avenue the saga has ever taken, if only for the fact Len Wiseman’s movie is also a spin-off that takes place between Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

Of course, everyone knows where Wick ends up by the time the credits roll on his most recent outing, with Stahelski admitting to ScreenRant that the knowledge of what comes after will inform his guest spot in the Ana de Armas-fronted shoot ’em up.

“As far as what you get from John Wick, it’s kind of almost an inside joke between the audience and John Wick. We all know where he’s going. We all know the route he’s been. So when they have their scenes, you kind of get the inside joke, even if Ballerina character doesn’t understand. It’s a little bit of meta conversation when you go, which is kind of interesting, because we’re all in on what John’s up to and where he’s going.

So his philosophy or his point of view, is when someone gives you advice, it’s good, but because you haven’t lived through the event, yet, you don’t have the experience to accept the advice. I think that’s the way to look at it. John’s giving advice and tutelage. Maybe even a little bit of advice on how to choose and choose wisely. But until that choice is really put to you that advice doesn’t really mean much. So, it’s an interesting little dilemma that they’ve created in it.”

Regardless of how staunchly Stahelski believes in his words for the time being, the fact studio Lionsgate has already hinted at tentative plans for Chapter 5 should indicate that the foreshadowing will lose all of its impact when he and Reeves team back up once more.

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