It’s Thanos Vs. The Avengers In Latest Featurette For Infinity War


The ravaged world of Titan (or what’s left of it) plays host to an incredible duel in this newly-released featurette for Avengers: Infinity War.

It arrives in good time, too, as the MCU crossover event is available to pick up on Blu-ray and DVD as of today, August 14th, and it’s jam-packed with exciting bonus content. From in-depth featurettes to never-before-seen outtakes, this is the ultimate Infinity War experience, and one that ought to ease the agonizing wait until May 3rd, when Marvel’s Phase 3 will culminate with the launch of the so-far untitled Avengers 4.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s circle back to Avengers: Infinity War and, specifically, the moment when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes launch a full-frontal assault on Thanos, only to be foiled by one of their own – Star-Lord, who allows his emotions to get the better of him just when his allies need him most.

It’s a blunder that allows Thanos to gain the upper-hand once more, leaving Iron Man et. al in a heap as the Mad Titan journeys to Wakanda in order to retrieve the sixth and final Infinity Stone – much to the horror of Scarlet Witch, who calls upon every fibre of her being to defend Vision, her one true love, from Thanos and his alien army.

Alas, Wanda’s efforts are all for naught, as the Mad Titan is able to use the Time Stone to salvage the Mind Stone from Vision’s skull, before snapping those giant, purple fingers and sending half of all life in the universe – Spider-Man and Black Panther – up in smoke.

Those deaths will no doubt have a lasting impact on the MCU moving forward, particularly as we near Infinity War‘s follow-up act, Avengers 4, which is currently slated for the spring of 2019.