Carrie Fisher’s Brother Says J.J. Abrams Pushed For Leia In Star Wars: Episode IX


Last Friday brought the shock announcement that Leia would be part of Star Wars: Episode IXafter all, as the late Carrie Fisher will be featured in the movie via unused footage from The Force Awakens. While this has left some fans conflicted as to whether it’s a good idea or not, Fisher’s own brother – Todd – is over the moon about the news, as he’s released a statement commending Lucasfilm for continuing Leia’s story without recasting or CGI.

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Fisher revealed that it was director J.J. Abrams who pushed for Leia to be involved in Star Wars 9 in some form. “J.J. really made this happen,” he told THR, suggesting that the Resistance General’s return was not planned before Abrams signed on to the production late last year.

This makes sense, as we heard in April 2017, back when Colin Trevorrow was still set to helm the film, that the studio was not planning on resurrecting Fisher via retooling deleted scenes. In fact, this came from Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy in response to a comment Todd Fisher himself made about it happening. At the time, Kennedy called Fisher “confused,” but now it seems he was right.

Though he might have had his wires crossed at that point, it’s possible Abrams actually got his inspiration to bring Carrie Fisher back from what Todd had said. Again speaking to THR, Fisher explained that he has no hard feelings with Kennedy or Lucasfilm and is just pleased that he’s been listened to.

“If I was in any way an inspiration for the final decision to keep Leia a part of the story, that’s great. I must say at times I felt like a voice crying in the wilderness.”

It remains to be seen how exactly Abrams plans to redistribute Fisher’s Force Awakens footage in order to include Leia – maybe it’ll be used in the form of a flashback? – but it’s definitely encouraging to know that the iconic character’s story will be wrapped up in some fashion in Star Wars: Episode IX.