J.K. Simmons Responds To Petition To Bring Him Back As J. Jonah Jameson In Marvel’s Spider-Man


One of the most disappointing things about The Amazing Spider-Man movies was the fact that there was no sign of J. Jonah Jameson or The Daily Bugle. The newspaper was referenced, but director Marc Webb for some reason shied away from revisiting that pivotal area of Peter Parker’s life.

While Spider-Man is set to make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Captain America: Civil War this May, only Tom Holland and Marisa Tomei (Aunt May) will be showing up there, so we still have some time to wait until we find out whether or not Jonah and company will factor into his adventures moving forward.

The big question, however, is who will play the Spider-Man hating publisher if and when he returns to the big screen. Many fans would like to see J.K. Simmons reprise the role, and the Whiplash actor has now responded to the fact that a petition to bring him back exists.

“That petition does not come from anybody that is actually in a position to do anything about it. Being in those movies with Sam [Raimi] was one of the great joys of my career. It was a super fun character so I’ll never close the door on anything.”

Simmons doesn’t sound desperate to return to the role then, but he certainly sounds open to the idea.

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