J.K. Simmons reveals how he embarrassed himself in front of Arnold Schwarzenegger

j.k simmons whiplash

J.K. Simmons is famed for being one of the most prolific talents in the industry, and the veteran character has lived up to that reputation by racking up no less than eleven film and television credits this year alone.

Whether you need a warm and kind father figure, a no-nonsense high-ranking official in a suit barking orders or a grizzled badass, the Academy Award winner is your man. There’s also the fact that he’s absolutely shredded, and Simmons caused a minor firestorm online a few years back when a series of snaps from the gym displayed guns that have absolutely no place on a person that’s fast closing in on 70 years old.

As chance would have it, Simmons co-starred with one of Hollywood’s most famed musclebound favorites in Terminator Genisys, but he revealed on Spotify’s 10 Questions with Kyle Brandt podcast that he felt like he’d made an idiot of himself when he went seeking a compliment on his physique from the Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Shortly after Whiplash came out, I was at an event for the Terminator movie and Arnold was there. He had just seen Whiplash and he was effusive in his praise for the movie. I immediately, like a dumbass, went, ‘Well, what did you think of the biceps?’ And Arnold said to me ‘Your biceps were okay, but your triceps were very impressive.’ Are you kidding me?”

Amazon’s The Tomorrow War should have given Simmons’ biceps their own listing in the credits given how prominent they were in the majority of his scenes, and he’s definitely the most jacked Commissioner Gordon we’ve ever seen, even if Schwarzenegger didn’t quite lavish his guns with the praise they may have been deserving.