Jack Black And Mike White Board The D-Train With James Marsden


Jack Black and Mike White’s names go so well together that you would think they’d appear in more projects as a team than they already do. Having played buddies in School of Rock, the pair are finally getting the band back together for another comedy. This time they are boarding The D-Train, an upcoming high school reunion comedy co-starring James Marsden.

The D-Train will feature Jack Black as a high school reunion chairman tasked with locating his class’s most popular student (Marsden), now a washed up actor living in Los Angeles. White will appear as the less-than-popular Black’s best friend from high school, presumably there to assist his pal in convincing Marsden to show up at the reunion.

While the plot sounds something like every other high school reunion comedy ever made (high school losers try to make good, popular guy not as great as they thought he was, etc.), the cast of The D-Train might very well make up for any cliches in the way of plot. Jack Black and Mike White are both excellent comedians, together and separately, and it will be a pleasure to see them working side by side again. James Marsden, meanwhile, has proven that he does not take those fabulous good looks all that seriously, via his performances in such films as Enchanted and Hairspray. The three of them together could produce something well worth watching.

The D-Train marks the directorial debut of writers Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel (Yes Man). Black and White are also taking on producers’ duties through their respective companies. There’s a lot of comedic talent going into this one; hopefully it will pay off.

We will keep an eye on casting news for The D-Train as it happens. Until then, you can let us know what you think of re-teaming Jack Black and Mike White for a reunion comedy in the comments section below. Does this one sound worthwhile?

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