Jack Black Reportedly In Talks To Join The MCU

Jack Black is a star among stars and if fans were excited to see him play Bowser in the new Super Mario Bros. animated movie, then they’ll be even more excited to see he might be joining the MCU sometime soon. According to reports from Giant Freakin Robot, their trusted and proven sources state that the star is currently in talks to join the biggest cinematic universe in comics.

While we know he’s been an unofficial Captain America before, this would a lot more serious. While there’s no word on who he might play or what movie he would appear in, fans that have campaigned for Jack Black to become a Marvel character in the past have shared some excellent ideas. We’ve covered how he’d look as Wolverine, but here are some of the internet’s best ideas:

Of course, Jack Black was also already canon in the MCU. Totally, for real, we swear!

While Black has said he’d like to play Kingpin in the past, fans might still be hoping he’ll be called in to replace Chris Pratt. Either way, we can only hope the reports are true so we can see Jack Black join the MCU in the way only he could.