Jack And Jill Trailer Promises More Terrible Adam Sandler

Dennis Dugan, who has directed Adam Sandler in a number of films, showed promise when he released Happy Gilmore in 1996. The film was silly and over-the-top funny, but still maintained its grounding in a simple albeit far-fetched premise that worked.  It will always be a Sandler classic, a shining cornerstone of his talent and capacity to make audiences laugh.

However, Sandler and Dugan don’t make films like that anymore. If Grown Ups and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry were any indication, Dugan and Sandler have proven themselves to be total sellouts. Their films suck in money like a Dyson and spew out senseless, bland shlock.

With the release of the Jack and Jill trailer, it looks like Sandler plans to continue this trend with Dugan. The story is simple: Sandler’s sister comes to visit him from Brooklyn. The twist is Sandler will go drag and play both the sister and the brother! This is downright embarrassing for everyone involved, but it won’t matter when this film breaks the bank upon release in November.

I gave up on Sandler after Anger Management. That film, though nowhere near as bad as his more recent projects, was a good indicator of his aging comedic chops. He doesn’t have the same enthusiasm and spark that he used to infuse in his films, leaving the palate dry and yearning for more. For lack of a better term, he’s just plain boring.

It’s possible that he just doesn’t care anymore, which isn’t surprising considering he is one of the highest paid comedians of all time. This film only proves that it is easy to sell out when the promise of a meaty paycheck is certain.

I advise you to avoid the trailer at all costs, but those of you interested in taking the plunge, watch below!