Will Jack Nicholson Play Robert Downey Jr.’s Dad In The Judge?

Given that they are both actors who happen to be separated through the immortal boundaries of age in a way that means they can’t have been born in the same decade, it’s actually possible that Jack Nicholson might convincingly play the father of Robert Downey Jr. in a motion picture. And that’s apparently something that could possibly happen if this little story doesn’t turn out to be a horrible rumor.

Nicholson is reportedly in talks to star in The Judge alongside his son Robert Downey Jr., who will play a character who must only be described as a “hotshot” (but you knew that anyway, because Downey Jr. has never played a character who is not a hotshot in some way, shape or form). If this does happen to come true, perhaps this will emerge as one of those father/son teamings for the history books: Ford/Connery, um… Hamill/Darth Vader.

The Judge, you see, is about a lawyer who returns home after the death of his mother to find that his Alzheimer’s-ridden father is one of the suspects. Then it’s all drama and comedy, we presume, because Jack Nicholson surely isn’t capable of playing a fully-serious character? You can almost picture it now: Nicholson shouting his mouth off about how no work and no play means you can’t handle the truth in five easy pieces, and Robert Downey Jr. mumbling back a witty, inaudible reply.

No dates for you yet, but you can expect this to arrive in theatres in around 2014. David Dobkin is set to direct.

Source: Total Film

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