‘Jackass Forever’ teaser introduces new jackasses and Tyler the Creator, Machine Gun Kelly cameos


In anticipation of the revival of the stunt-filled shenanigans that first wowed teens and disgusted their parents on MTV, the forthcoming Jackass Forever movie is introducing the world to some of its brand new crew members in a new teaser video.

Joining the legacy cast, including Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and Chris Pontius, are some fresh-faced newcomers. That includes Jasper, Rachel Wolfson, Erik Manaka, Poopies, and Zach Holmes, who express reverence for the original creators and appear eager to prove their worth. That includes participating in such timeless rites of passage as parachuting down a slip-and-slide, getting decked by a giant fist while performing a kick-flip, being a human bike ramp, licking a taser, falling onto a bunch of cactuses after trying to fly upon a kite, and getting bitten by snakes.

Other celebrities making cameos include director Spike Jonze, comedian Eric Andre, rapper Machine Gun Kelly, professional skateboarders Tony Hawk and Rob Dyrdek, and musical artist Tyler the Creator.

The movie is slated for release in theaters next month, according to the video’s description, which appears to confirm that a speculated possible blocking of its release by former crew member Bam Margera, following a court victory, doesn’t seem to be going through after all.

Margera, who has had high-profile struggles with drug addiction, had apparently been fired from the movie after not adhering to Paramount’s condition of sobriety through various stringent testing measures, including consenting to frequent breathalyzer tests, twice-weekly urinalyses, hair follicle testing, and medications being monitored by a doctor via Facetime.

But we’re ready to put the drama of the past couple of years and what all went on behind the scenes behind us and enjoy some dumb fun when Jackass Forever hits theaters on Feb. 4.