‘Jackass’ stars discuss their most regrettable stunts, which they don’t seem to regret at all

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Jackass Forever / YouTube

In the annals of Jackass lore, there are too many legendary injuries and stunts to pick a favorite. The boys have been punched, crashed, blown up, and covered in enough random liquid to fill up a tanker.

In honor of the upcoming Jackass Forever, the Jackass dudes did an AMA on Reddit, and one of the topics was their worst stunts of all time. Chris Pontius has been with the show from the beginning. He’s pretty well known for his “party boy” get up where he would walk into stores, strip down and start bothering people.

Pontius took the AMA opportunity to reveal his all-time least favorite stunt.

“The stunt I regret doing the most is the glove of bullet ants. That was the most dreadful thing I’ve done. I don’t regret the bullet ants because it made me become a man,” he said.

The stunt in question happened on the show Wildboyz that fellow Jackass alum Steve-O starred in. The participant is given a pair of woven gloves full of fire ants to wear. It’s a ritual meant to invoke manhood, but it’s obviously also incredibly painful. Check out a clip below.

Pontius said he wore the glove for 8 minutes.

Fellow star Johnny Knoxville said there was no stunt he regretted doing, but there was one that was a favorite.

“I have no regrets! My favorite stunt is when Ryan Dunn put the toy car up his butt in Jackass 1.” That one involved a condom and an X-Ray. It was fairly graphic, so viewer discretion is advised if you watch it.

They also talked about stunts that seemed harmless but ended up causing a lot of injuries.

“On Wildboyz, this gaucho pulled me from the horse, and my ankle was stuck in the stirrup and gave me a small fracture all because this little man was jealous of my relationship with the steed!”

Knoxville said his involved a tree and a pole.

“I had to go to the hospital once when me and another cast member ran at a tree with the pole from the pole vault. I was on one end, the cast member was on the other, and we wanted to see what would happen running into the tree full speed. Well… I ripped the webbing of my hand and had to get 20 stitches. Sometimes you get hurt on the small stunts.” 

The newest Jackass movie comes out a full 12 years after the last one, and the gentlemen are all in their late 40s and 50s now. Commenters on the thread wanted to know whether there will be another sequel.

“What’s next for the crew after Jackass Forever? Any movies? YouTube channels or funny skits? Or just ride into the sunset and chill out?” one commenter asked.

Both Pontius and Knoxville answered the question.

“Half-ass stuntmen are terrible long-term planners, so I’m not sure what the future holds, but we will definitely do things together. As for another Jackass, who knows…we could do one, we could not do one. But there is a possibility.”

Jackass Forever smashes into theaters on Feb. 4.