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Jacob Batalon Reveals Identity Of Spider-Man: Homecoming Character

Looks like Jacob Batalon is indeed playing Ned Leeds in next year's Spider-Man: Homecoming, but there's a small twist to his character.


Perhaps one of the most exciting factors going into the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming is the star-studded ensemble that Marvel and director Jon Watts have assembled.

With Civil War star Tom Holland front and center, Homecoming has made room within its ranks for esteemed Oscar winners (Michael Keaton) and young up-and-comers looking to crack into Hollywood via the 2017 blockbuster (Laura Harrier), and we couldn’t be more excited. Such a stacked ensemble does raise questions, however – for instance, is Zendaya really playing Michelle, or Mary Jane?

The singer-songstress continues to downplay rumors, but a tiny part of us remains unconvinced. One thing we know for sure, though, is that Jacob Batalon is indeed attached to the part of Ned Leeds, a close friend to Holland’s Peter Parker in this particular incarnation. Chatting to KHON2 News (via CBM), Batalon revealed that Spider-Man: Homecoming will make a minor change to the character of Leeds, who features in the comics as a reporter for the Daily Bugle.

Per KHON2 News:

“Well, Ned Leeds; I play Peter Parker’s best friend in the film,” Batalon said. “We are both in high school; we are about fifteen. And it’s just about Peter dealing with being a superhero and going through puberty. He still has to worry about homework; he still has to worry about his crush liking him, while trying to save someone who’s probably in a burning building. He can’t tell anyone because he’s not the cool kid, so he’s just stuck with this really cool life that he can’t tell anyone about.”

Spider-Man: Homecoming scurries into theaters on July 7, 2017 and will stand as the first of Tom Holland’s three solo movies – for now, at least.

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