Jai Courtney Explains Why Suicide Squad Is Undergoing Reshoots


We now live in an era wherein every time a movie does reshoots it’s considered an emblem for its inevitable failure. It’s not hard to see why this mentality has emerged, but people’s knee-jerk reactions to reshoots are often way off base. Before the Big Bad Internet, this happened all the time – we just didn’t hear about it.

So, when Suicide Squad started filming again last week, everyone jumped to conclusions. ‘It’s being reworked to include more jokes!‘ was the prevailing theory, and one that Jai Courtney has since shot down.


The actor, who plays Captain Boomerang, sat down with ET to discuss the film and answer questions about the nature of the reshoots. Was it to insert more jokes as a response to the grim-dark tone of Batman V Superman? Apparently not. “There’s plenty of that in there,” Courtney says, adding that the real reason was to go back and grab more coverage of certain action sequences.

Not like it matters of course, because we shouldn’t judge movies until we’ve actually seen them, right?

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