Jake Gyllenhaal Has Had The #1 Movie On Netflix All Week

If you’ve been on Netflix in the past two weeks, then there’s one face you’ve likely seen a lot of. That face belongs to none other than Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal, whose new film The Guilty has been dominating the streaming service since its launch at the beginning of the month.

The new Netflix-produced crime thriller has one of the more unique premises of movies within the genre, taking place entirely in the same building aside from a handful of very brief moments that occur elsewhere. Another factor that makes The Guilty stand out amongst its peers is that we never actually see any crimes taking place.

The film follows a police detective who, following an unfortunate incident, was discharged and placed within a 911 call center. Saving a woman in distress quickly becomes the number one priority for this operator, and the film sees its characters push the boundaries of what a call center staff can do during the emergency situation they face.

In terms of critical reception, things have been mostly positive for the film. The Guilty has garnered a 6.3 rating on IMDb and a 70 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite this lukewarm reception, the film is still dominating Netflix right now, scoring number one in most major markets and within the top three in others.

Whether you’re a fan of Gyllenhaal, crime thrillers, or simply just looking for something new to check out on Netflix, The Guilty is clearly worth a watch. With a brisk 90-minute run time, it’ll be an easy one to fit into your busy weekend.