Jake Gyllenhaal Open To Playing A Superhero

Jake Gyllenhaal may not be the archetypical action star, but with recent films such as End Of Watch and Prince of Persia, his credibility in the genre is growing. He’s been frequently listed in casting rumors for various superhero roles, but has yet to land a role as a comic hero. In a recent interview with Short List, Gyllenhaal said that although he isn’t rushing to don a cape, he’s definitely open to the possibility.

Check out his comment below.

“At a certain point you realise there’s always someone more interesting, talented and ready to do a role than you are – and you won’t get every role you go for. All I want right now is to hone my skills and become a better actor, not dream about wearing a cape. But you never know.”

Gyllenhaal was close to replacing Tobey Maguire for Spider-Man 2, and was also rumored to play Batman before the role ultimately went to Christian Bale. Considering he came so close to arguably the two biggest superheroes of all time, it seems likely that Gyllenhaal will become a masked hero in the near future.

He would have been much better as Spider-Man than Batman, but with the role of Spider-Man currently filled by Andrew Garfield, Batman is again a possibility. Justice League will be casting soon and the role of Batman is still open, so that is definitely a possibility for Gyllenhaal. However, if he is to go the DC route, he may be better off as a character not recently portrayed, such as the Flash.

What do you think of Jake Gyllenhaal as a superhero? Can he pull it off, or should he stick to less iconic roles? What character would you like to see him as? Share your picks in the comments section below.