Jake Gyllenhaal Spotted In London, Is It For Spider-Man: Far From Home?


With Spider-Man: Far From Home having commenced shooting in London, we should hopefully be getting some juicy leaks from the set soon that’ll give us a better idea of what to expect from the upcoming sequel.

Right now, we know that the film will see Spidey on some kind of European tour, swinging through London, Venice and (probably) Paris, with Jake Gyllenhaal signed up to play the film’s primary villain. When he was cast back in May, it was widely reported that he was set to bring to life goofy special effects supervillain Mysterio, but lately we’re hearing that he might, in fact, play a different villain (possibly Hydro-Man).

Anyhow, there are precious few clues in this Instagram photo below, which shows the actor in London. Though it’s unclear if he’s there for Far From Home, it seems likely and if that’s indeed the case, apparently we can expect a bearded villain – but that’s about as far as my detective skills go here.

Incidentally, the guy in the photo with him is Donald Mowat, a makeup designer who’s worked with Gyllenhaal on a number of recent projects. Mowat isn’t listed as part of the crew on Far From Home, but who knows, perhaps he’s been requested in a consulting role?

The real big question surrounding Far From Home is what state of mind Spider-Man will be in for it. After all, the last time we saw him, he was collapsing into dust on the alien planet of Titan. Presumably, the events of Avengers 4 will reverse that in some manner, but will Spidey remember dying? And will the universe be restored to the way it was, or will there be a new status quo? That all remains to be seen.

To be fair to Peter Parker, though, after all that he’s been through lately, he certainly deserves a nice holiday in Europe. So whoever Jake Gyllenhaal ends up playing in Spider-Man: Far From Home, hopefully he goes easy on the kid. He’s been through a lot.