Jake Gyllenhaal Starring In New Comic Book Movie From Extraction Director

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal revealed that his anxiety issues caused him to mess up a number of takes during his first day of shooting Spider-Man: Far From Home, which marked his first role in a big budget studio project for a decade. However, he’s clearly overcome any self-doubt having added another high profile actioner to his slate on top of Michael Bay’s Ambulance and ambitious fantasy Oblivion Song.

As per Deadline, the Academy Award nominee will play the title character in comic book adaptation Prophet, which was created by Deadpool architect Rob Liefeld. If that wasn’t exciting enough, Extraction director Sam Hargrave is also on board, with an eye on making it his next feature once he wraps Chris Hemsworth’s Netflix sequel.


Arrowverse co-creator Marc Guggenheim is writing the script, which focuses on John Prophet, who finds himself conscripted by the Nazis and subjected to scientific experiments during World War II that end up imbuing him with superhuman strength.

Jake Gyllenhaal headlining a period-set superhero story from the action maestro behind Extraction, based on source material from Deadpool’s creator with a screenplay from one of the Arrowverse’s architects sounds massively exciting, and Prophet is unsurprisingly being viewed as the first installment in a proposed multi-film franchise.