James Badge Dale Joins Joe Carnahan’s Action Comedy Stretch


James Badge Dale is certainly an actor on the way up. Since his onscreen career began, he’s made appearances in TV hits like The PacificCSI and 24, through to big screen hits like The GreyFlight and The Departed. Keeping his slate full, he’s now signed on to appear in Joe Carnahan’s Stretch.

The Universal and Blumhouse Productions flick is touted as an action comedy, which has a solid list of comedy hitters attached. Insidious‘ Patrick Wilson, The Hangover‘s Ed Helms and Star Trek‘s Chris Pine have already signed on to star. Stretch tells the story of a down-on-his-luck guy (Wilson) desperate to clear his debts, who accepts employment as a limo driver for a bonkers billionaire (Pine). What he doesn’t realise when he starts his job is that his boss is on a crazed mission to sell a list of his known criminal associates for an extortionate sum.

Sounds rather dangerous and will no doubt lead to the two getting into a number of amusing situations. Helms was originally slated to play the billionaire but these latest reports now indicate that Pine will take that role with Helms on board to provide comedy backup as one of Wilson’s limo driver buddies.

It’s not known yet who Dale will play in the film – but with his resume mounting a number of high-profile projects, whatever his role may be it’ll only serve the actor well. This year alone he’s snagged roles in Marvel’s Iron Man 3, World War Z and will soon be seen in The Lone Ranger alongside Johnny Depp. His career is definitely getting a much-deserved boost.

What do you make of Dale joining Stretch? Are you excited about the flick? Have your say in the comments below.

Stretch starts filming June 30th in Los Angeles with an expected US release date of March 21st, 2014.