James Bond Heads To Italy For A Spectre Car Chase



Like the title of the film itself, the next James Bond outing appears to continue to trade on its past successes – and what is a Bond film without a car chase? Daniel Craig’s 007 will head to Italy in the company of Monica Bellucci, and while there it appears that they will be tearing around Rome in an invigorating car chase.

Shooting in Rome is set to begin on March 8, where the production will shut down streets in the capital from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Anyone who has ever encountered traffic in Rome will know that even filming that late is still going to make a number of citizens unhappy.

For what we’ve heard, there’s at least one other chase (or perhaps the same one) that will wind up on the Lungotevere and will end with our hero plunging into the water only to be rescued by helicopter; in other words, another really nice car is going to be wrecked in the name of Queen and Country. Further chase footage will take us to Barberini, Quattro Fontane Nazionale, Borgo Pio, the Milvian Bridge, and around Piazza Navona.

The plot of Spectre has Bond receiving a message from his past that sends him out on the trail of the secret organization known as SPECTRE. Meanwhile, M struggles to keep the secret service alive, because all that blowing things up for no apparent reason means that the paperwork just keeps piling up. Will Bond uncover the sinister secret of SPECTRE? Will Monica Bellucci take off her clothes? Will Daniel Craig crack a smile? We can only wait and hope.

Spectre will come to theaters on November 6. Until then, check out the latest image of Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci in Rome, courtesy of the official 007 Twitter account (via Collider).


Source: Collider

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