First Look At James Franco, Jessica Chastain & Mila Kunis In Tar

Today we have the first photos and some new information about Tar, which stars James Franco, Jessica Chastain, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and many more. Though you may not have heard about the project, or may have only skimmed over the IMDb page, it’s definitely worth your attention.

The film, adapted by James Franco and the students in the class he teaches at New York University, is a compilation of ten short films each directed by a student. They’re based on a book of poems titled Tar by Pulitzer Prize winner C.K. Williams.

Tar has been described a film in the same vein as New York, I Love You. Each short film will be based on one poem, that when bought together as a whole, will act as a look at the poet’s life through his poetry.

Franco spoke to Variety about the project saying:

“I contacted people I knew who I thought were open to such a project. All I have responded with enthusiasm and they did … then the students are still at that point where they are pure and motivated.

After I graduated from New York University, I proposed to teach a class. I wanted to do a few things I’d never seen before in a school – working professionally, find a funding, great actors, and although a very small budget, get a high level of production. ”

“When you’re dealing with poetry, you have to think about a completely different film-form, will open to new approaches. “Our latest film has a unique atmosphere. It tells a story and at the same time is a look at the life of the poet.”

Franco also just wrapped a similar film titled Black Dog, Red Dog, based on a book by poet Stephen Dobyns, in which he gathered a number of stars including Olivia Wilde, Scott Haze , Jim Parrack , Chloe Sevigny, Logan Marshall-Green and Whoopi Goldberg .

Both Tar and Black Dog, Red Dog were fully financed and executive produced by Victorino Noval and Franco’s production company Rabbit Bandini. Their aim for the project is to provide film students with the full experience of working on a high-profile feature film, from providing big name actors, to taking the films to festivals and finding a distributor.

Tar and Black Dog Red Dog were also produced by  Miles Levy, Edward Bass and Vince Jolivette, who told Variety that Tar may premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival later this year, however it is unclear if Black Dog, Red Dog will have the same opportunity, as it just finished filming.

The more I read about the film, the more it is becoming one of my most anticipated of the year, I really love the idea behind it and the cast is absolutely wonderful. Plus, I love Franco and his work is always very interesting and diverse.

Tar stars James Franco, Jessica Chastain, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Henry Hopper and is expected to be released later this year.

Check out the photos above and below.

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