James Franco Might Portray Tommy Wiseau In The Disaster Artist


In a recent interview with /Film, Seth Rogen noted that some talented writers were recently brought aboard to work on the script for The Disaster Artist, the adaptation of Greg Sestero’s novel of the same name. For those who don’t know, the book is essentially a documentary of everything that went wrong during the production of cult classic The Room, and how the film was meant to be – according to director Tommy Wiseau anyway – viewed as an intentionally hilarious movie full of amateurish mistakes and acting.

The most exciting piece of news, however, is Seth Rogen confirming that the plan moving forward is for James Franco to portray Wiseau (originally, he was just going to direct). It will be interesting to see if Franco can make some of the worst acting we have ever seen even worse, or if a more serious approach will be taken. Nevertheless, the film will assuredly provide some interesting insight on what was a beautiful disaster.

When asked whether Tommy’s infamous piece of cinema was legendarily bad on purpose like he claims, or just god awful execution of filmmaking like most of us presume, Rogen weighed in with the following:

What’s interesting is he’s had to restructure his thoughts on it to some degree. Because he wants the acclaim and attention but all that’s associated with somewhat acknowledging that it sucks s***. So I think he’s kind of in a weird position where he goes to the Q&As and introduces the screenings and I think now he kind of pretends, ‘oh, it’s a dark comedy’ or something like that. But it’s so clear that he’s wounded and torn. Which is interesting also — a guy who has to go around and perpetuate something that’s being received for all the wrong reasons, basically.

Tell us, what are your thoughts on The Disaster Artist and James Franco possibly portraying Wiseau? Are you eager to see it happen? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: /Film