James Franco’s Child Of God Begins Filming Next Week

James Franco announced recently that in 2012, he is going to be directing adaptations of both Cormac McCarthy’s Child Of God and William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying.

Today, reports are surfacing that tell us Child Of God will begin filming in West Virginia on January 31st. Scott Haze announced on his Twitter that he will play the lead role of Lester Ballard in Franco’s adaptation of the much loved novel. On top of this he also revealed that another close friend of Franco’s, True Blood‘s Jim Parrack, will also star in the film as Deputy Cotton.

Furthermore, IMDb have provided a cast list for the film, which has not been confirmed but does have Haze and Parrack as well as Tim Blake Nelson, Fallon Goodson and Franco’s producing partner, Vince Jolivette, as cast members.

If IMDb is correct, Nelson will play Sheriff Fate, while Goodson will play Girly and Jolievette will play the role Ernest. On top of this, IMDb also state that Brian Lally will play John Greer, Coby Batty will play Hunter and Anna Kooris will play Screaming Lady.

There are also photos and videos released by Haze which we have attached below. Personally, I am incredibly excited for this film. McCarthy’s material is fantastic and Franco is showing potential as a director.

Knowing that Franco shot his last two films, The Broken Tower and Sal, in 15 and 9 days respectively, and went through post-production for each of them in under 6 months, it seems no stretch that we will see Child Of God released by the end of 2012.