James Gordon Jr. Easter Egg Spotted In Justice League


We’re almost five months removed from the release of Justice League – the film even made its way to home video recently – and yet, fans are still uncovering Easter eggs left by Zack Snyder in his superhero epic.

Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that the movie seriously underperformed at the box office. Much like the rest of the DCEU, the superhero supergroup didn’t receive the necessary critical success to boost its numbers, gaining notoriety for what has settled as a 40% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

It was essentially DOA then, mired in turmoil during production. Director Zack Snyder was ultimately replaced by Avengers helmer Joss Whedon, who oversaw extensive reshoots, and things just escalated from there. Enthusiasts of the franchise have adamantly demanded WB release a director’s cut of Justice League, but thus far, their cries have been unheeded.

It hasn’t all been negative, though, as several pieces of concept art have fought their way online recently, including a never-before-seen look at the film’s Green Lantern. And now, a DCEU super-sleuth claims to have found an Easter egg pertaining to Commissioner Gordon’s (J.K. Simmons) son, James Gordon Jr., in the film.

Cool, eh? Of course, Justice League is responsible for introducing the Commissioner into the DC Extended Universe, whose son, James Gordon Jr. is a psychopath and ultimately becomes an adversary to the Batman in the comic books. Whether or not we’ll see ever him in the flesh is unknown, but perhaps he’ll make his way to the big screen at some point?

Time will tell, but until then, we’re certainly enjoying watching as fans continue to uncover neat Easter eggs even so long after release and as soon as any others arise, we’ll be sure to let you know.