James Gunn And This Major DC Star Have Plans To Work Together

James Gunnn

James Gunn and a major superhero star have plans to work together. Only a select group of people have ties to both the MCU and the DCEU but Gunn is one of them, having helmed the Guardians of the Galaxy films for Marvel and The Suicide Squad for DC, with the Peacemaker spinoff series on its way. Another is Zachary Levi AKA Thor’s buddy Fandral and the aged-up Billy Batson himself in the Shazam! franchise.

But despite both of them working for both comic book cinematic universes, Gunn and Levi have yet to collaborate on the same project. That said, the pair of them are hoping to fix that sooner or later. On Twitter, Gunn recently recalled that he had a big hand in landing Levi the Shazam! gig in the first place as he “raved” about his Star-Lord audition to DC producer Peter Safran.

Levi then retweeted Gunn’s comment and said that, though he didn’t get cast as Peter Quill, he still wants to work with Gunn someday. “Still very much appreciate that, brother,” he responded. “And also still very much wanna work together when the stars align.” Gunn then made clear that he wants the same thing. “Can’t wait, Zach,” he replied.

As you’d imagine, fans love this idea and their exchange has attracted thousands of likes and responses on Twitter.

It’s not like the pair have anything in the pipeline, then, but it’s not too hard to imagine Gunn and Levi finding a project to work on together. With the writer/director confirmed to have more DC productions in development, maybe he could even bring on Levi to cameo as Shazam somewhere. It would be pretty hilarious to have Billy interact with Gunn’s grizzled, hard-edged characters.

Zachary Levi recently wrapped filming on Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which eventually hits theaters in February 2023. James Gunn‘s Peacemaker, meanwhile, premieres on HBO Max in January 2022.