James Gunn Says The Final Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Egg Has Been Partially Discovered


If you’re a longtime fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy, you’ll be familiar with the never-ending quest for the final easter egg of the 2014 movie. Director James Gunn has been teasing that there’s something about his film that fans haven’t spotted yet for years. But it seems someone is very close to solving it at last.

In response to a fan wondering whether it’s been cracked yet or not, Gunn tweeted: “It’s been PARTIALLY discovered. Partially correctly and partially incorrectly. You know who you are.”

If you’re wondering who Gunn is alluding to, YouTuber MasterTainment made it clear that he’s the one who’s come the closest to solving the easter egg in the replies. Just to clear up any doubt, Gunn responded to them with a hands in the air emoji.

MT has shared a series of videos in the past in which he attempts to decode the alien coordinates that accompany the location captions in the movie, as he’s sure these contain the final easter egg. The code for Knowhere is particularly pertinent and MT believes it reads either “Meredith Quill BD” or Meredith Quill X” – meaning the baby daddy or ex of Star-Lord’s mother. This makes sense when you remember that Knowhere is the hollowed-out head of a Celestial, the same god-like species as Ego, Peter’s father.

So, the final easter egg may be that Guardians of the Galaxy teased the identity of Quill’s dad before Kurt Russell was introduced in Vol. 2. Going by Gunn’s comments though, MT is close but hasn’t quite cracked it yet. Hopefully either the YouTuber or someone building on his work can uncover the rest of it so that the elusive easter egg gets solved before the franchise wraps up in Vol. 3