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James Gunn is one sly, sly man as he jumps up to join naming ‘Back to the Future’ contenders

Someone is taking Doc Brown's future 'can be changed' to heart.

Back to the Future
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1985’s Back to the Future and its respective sequels are perhaps the pinnacle of time-travel films made to date. But there are only so many times the ardent followers of this particular sub-genre can binge-watch Marty striving to save his own existence. So, a fresh ‘NOT Back To The Future’ trend is asking around for worthy contenders, and James Gunn shared his own pick but not because he wanted to help out his fellow cinema lovers.

The ongoing discussion has also sprung forth names of stellar films like Edge of Tomorrow, Avengers Endgame, Palm Springs, About Time, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, etc. Soon, Gunn joined the conversation with the 1993 fantasy gem, Groundhog Day, as his choice. 

But that’s not why the new DC Films co-head has been receiving virtual pats on the back and getting crowned as a true “company man.” Well, the Guardians of the Galaxy director didn’t just boast one but two films in this ongoing thread as he plugged in the upcoming The Flash as his second choice. 

I would like to say that I saw this coming, that the second I noticed James Gunn has joined the discussion I knew he was going in for a cunning plugin, but let me just observe a silent vigil with everyone who was bamboozled by the director. 

Given how The Flash needs all the goodwill in the world to leave the black clouds of controversy behind and the dark future it was originally destined for, we have to give it to Gunn for redefining what it means to “not leave a single stone unturned” as he continues contributing to the break-neck speed at which the Ezra Miller starrer is being promoted.

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